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 fightscene stunts
 fight scene stunts
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Whether you're in front of the camera as an actor, stuntman, or martial artist, or behind the camera as a director or fight coordinator, this informative and entertaining video gives you all the information you need to both perform and capture professional-looking fight scenes for motion picture productions.

If you are a martial artist, coordinator or aspiring action star, FIGHTSCENES FOR MOTION PICTURES will teach you how to adapt your talents for the movies. You'll learn the physics of the fight scene, including THE IMPACT LINE, PUNCH FOCUS, how to SELL A PUNCH, and much more. You'll become far more valuable to directors and fight coordinators once you master the tips and techniques in this video.

fightscene impact line
 stunt fighting
As a filmmaker, you'll learn everything you need to stage, shoot, and edit fight scenes for the camera, including THE IMPACT LINE and REPETITION OF ACTION EDITS. It's all here, from choreography to the final sound effect.
Fightscenes For Motion Pictures is getting rave reviews from professional Hollywood stuntmen:

"I get asked all the time how someone can learn about stunt fighting, now I just tell people to get Fightscenes for Motion Pictures.

Thomas Dupont - Stuntman - A Knights Tale, Planet of The Apes, Pirates of The Caribbean 1 & 2

"Very impressive. Both informative and entertaining. A must have for anyone wanting to learn fight scenes for the movies."

Tad Griffith - Stuntman - The Patriot, ShangHai Noon, The Mask of Zorro, SpiderMan 2 & 3

Stunts & Fight Scanes

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